Apple has been surprising tech-savvy users with many things they’d find interesting, one of which is the iOS 10 release. Want to know more about the latest operating system? Check the details here.

The newest OS from the Cupertino-based company features a lot of tricks and additional features. Those who are tempted to upgrade need not feel anxious because the all-new features are quite impressive.

Forbes reported that there are also secret features that Apple was able to provide. In case you want to know what these are, here are the 15 best tips and tricks you should know before the iOS 10 download:

  1. For Apple Maps, Siri can now detect when you are driving and will automatically record the direction. In that way, you can easily find it later.
  2.  For Apple Maps as well, one trick revealed is that you can now avoid toll roads when setting a route.
  3. For Apple Mail, you can now see the unsubscribe link for the emails that you want to get rid off.
  4. The Mail also gives you the chance to view only unread messages. Just click the settings “Filtered by Unread.”
  5. Apple Mail will help you save time by simply swiping to the left if you wish to flag, reply or trash the email.
  6. For Apple Music, you can now remove the songs that you haven’t listened to for a long time in order to save memory. Just go to Settings > Music > Downloads to optimize the storage.
  7. Apple Camera will now allow you to take pictures while listening to music. You can also do that while taking a video.
  8. The clock now has a “bedtime” option wherein the phone can determine the time you usually go to sleep, the duration and the moment you need to wake up.
  9. Apple iOS 10 users can now close the Safari tabs all at once. Long press on the Tab View button, which brings up the close all tabs options. Then, there will be prompt and simply click “done.”
  10. There is also a close all selection for Notifications. Just long press the X button until the “clear all” option is up. You can click on that and the work is done.
  11. The Calculator Memory now allows you to copy the answer in the previous computation. Just 3D touch the icon.
  12. The Flashlight trick simply means a harder press on the icon to adjust the brightness.
  13. To restore Touch to unlock, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and enable: ‘Rest Finger to Open’ to get the old method back.
  14. Finding an image to send to a friend is now easier as well. Tap the App Store icon and you can swipe to an images page and search.
  15. To save data, Go to Settings > Messages > Enable Low-Quality Image Mode.

There you have it! There are more tricks and tips listed on the website. To download the latest iOS 10, just click here.