Microsoft Surface Phone was supposed to be powered by Intel Atom chips, but the latest revelations would sound the death knell for Microsoft.

The chipmaker, Intel had announced on Friday that it has come to the decision not to manufacture SoFIA and Broxton chips anymore. This means Intel would be producing just one atom chip, Apollo Lake, and it has been slated for convertible tablets.

Interestingly, the Redmond-based company has maintained complete silence on its future phone plans apart from the leaked e-mail that suggested Windows 10 Mobile platforms and phones would run ARM processors.

However, fans are keeping high expectations on a phone that would run on native Win 32 legacy apps as Microsoft has made the new UWP platforms as a central platform of Windows 10, notes Delhi Daily News.

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Speculations add that Intel Atom processor is necessary for the platform and the decision taken by Intel has eliminated that option.

Intel’s decision was initially reported by Analyst Patrick Moorhead, and later the news was confirmed by IDG News Service and PCWorld.

The “Broxton” Atom platform and SoFIA chips along with all its flavors will be killed by Intel which includes Atom cores with 3G and LTE modems for smartphones. Anyhow, the chipmaker would continue its support for tablets for a 3-GB derivative of the SoFIA chips. This includes the older Bay Trail and Cherry Trail, as well as some upcoming core chips.

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“I didn’t get the sense that they’re going to exit the tablet space. I felt like there was [a message] of “more coming soon,” said Moorhead.

“On the phone stuff, I just don’t think they’ll continue to do that, because, you know, it’s a business,” he added.