The worldwide web is now brimming with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. However, rumor has it that there will be an Instagram Snapchat merge soon. How is it possible?

Nearly six years ago, Instagram was only a photo-sharing app. However, it has become widely popular among young people.

The application only features photo and video sharing as of the moment. However, thus far, Instagram has more than half a billion subscribers, proving that the social media platform is indeed a success.

As a result, Facebook bought the application, reports New York Times. Meanwhile, Evan Spiegel, who was an undergraduate at Stanford University, was quietly developing Snapchat in 2011.

The new competitor did not aim for the same objective that Instagram has. Snapchat is a private messaging tool that only allows photos and videos to last for less than 24 hours.

Amidst the risk of failing, the latest social app reached 150 million users. Now, Facebook and Instagram developers think that Snapchat is the new aggressive competitor.

Since then, Facebook has been trying to buy Snapchat. However, instead of forcing themselves to do so, they created a way to somewhat copy its features.

Now, Instagram has a new feature called “Instagram Stories.” The latest addition to the platform includes “lowering the bar for sharing all types of photos and videos.”

On the other hand, the company’s co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom did not mention Snapchat in relation to the Instagram Stories. However, he said that the latter deserves a credit for the idea.

“We like to say Instagram makes the world feel simultaneously large, in the sense that you can connect with anyone, and very small in the sense that you’re right there with them,” adds Systrom, via Tech Crunch.

Meanwhile, will there be an Instagram Snapchat merge? The CEO did not confirm nor deny the news. However, Mashable reports that the netizens are furious about Instagram “copying” the latest app.

The website compiled some of the people’s rants on Twitter. As you can see, it looks like they are not pleased. Do you think an Instagram Snapchat merge would be a good idea? Let us know in the comment box below.