A 10-year-old Finnish boy was awarded $10,000 after he hacked into Instagram to find security flaws in the popular social media application.

The kid named Jani (his parents withheld his last name), who hails from Helsinki, Finland, said in an interview with Finnish media outlet Iltalehti that he found the bug when he discovered that he could mess with the codes on Instagram’s servers.

The flaw allows him to delete texts that were written by other users on the photo-sharing website, which is owned by Facebook. He could even delete all of Justin Bieber’s comments if he wanted to, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

He emailed Instagram to let them know about the problem. They replied that the problem had been fixed a few days later, and awarded him with $10,000 ($13,326 in Australian dollars) as a thank you.

Jani’s father also revealed that this does not mark the first time he has found security flaws in websites as he and his twin brother had done so in the past. However, they never received compensations for their discoveries until this one.

Facebook has a bug bounty program wherein they accept anybody who can trace significant bugs and flaws and award them with cash.

Back in 2015, Facebook received about 13,000 submissions and 526 of them were valid. They paid out a total of $936,000 to 210 researchers, with each submission averaging of about $1,780, according to Mashable.

Most recently, a Taiwanese researcher hacked into Facebook to look for a way to get into the social media site’s internal servers when he discovered another hacker who made his way before him.

Orange Tsai made the discovery when he saw that the first hacker left files he used to gather the site’s login names of its admin staff. Facebook also revealed that another researcher left files to find loopholes in the network.

Tsai was awarded $10,000 for the discovery.