Richard Lugner, Austria’s multimillionaire construction tycoon, decided to run for the presidency of his country after being greatly impressed by US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s popularity in America. However, he said that he would refrain from adopting his “Wild West manners.”

The 83-year-old multimillionaire will be making his second attempt for the leadership of the country but said he will not “rant about everything and everyone like Trump.” He will be running the elections as an independent candidate and announced his campaign in a self-made video posted online. The video also featured his 26-year-old wife Cathy.

“Especially now, Austria needs a master builder from amongst the people,” Lugner said in the 12-minute video. There were repeated comparisons with the US politics in his speech and he said that “a president needs to be an actor and media professional,” like Ronald Reagan was.

He said that he drew inspiration from Trump, who has managed to pull up great support behind him in the US. “I am going to make sure we copy the same voting strategy as Trump,” Lugner was quoted as saying by the Local.

He added that his wife would be his campaign manager and would be making joint appearances with him. He also clarified that he did not marry her just for the election campaign. He said that while other presidents prefer hiding their first ladies, he won’t be doing that.

Lugner tied the knot with Cathy after a brief courtship of seven months. He had been in the news recently for taking Brooke Shields to this year’s Vienna Opera Ball.

Cathy has pledged that she would represent the “young and attractive face of the modern Austria” alongside her husband who has been “young and vital” and looks “younger than 60.” Her speech ended with Austrian and European Union flag in the background. Austria will go to vote on April 24, the NBC News reported.