A crocodile was filmed with a GoPro after injuring a 14-year-old boy swimming in Western Australia’s Kimberly region last Thursday. The crocodile attack left Cameron Timms with minor injuries on his elbow and stomach.

Cameron’s father, Mark, said that while they were swimming at El Questro’s Moonshine Gorge, Cameron “felt it bump him and then, I don’t know, not very long after his elbow hurt a little bit, and had a look and it was bleeding and so he hopped out and his stomach was bleeding a little bit and his elbow had quite a lot of blood coming out of it.”

Cameron said that they were just swimming in the water when suddenly, he felt something on his side. Out of curiosity, Cameron decided to use the GoPro and see what is going on underwater and captured on video the 1.5-meter freshwater crocodile swimming around. Mark says that they felt something but did not really realize it until they reviewed the video.


Mark told the ABC that Cameron’s arm was wounded with needle-like marks up in a row. His elbow has two puncture wounds in the shape of a triangle while his son’s stomach has a cut and scratches. However, Mark asserts that the injuries Cameron have were not particularly serious and his son is currently recovering really well.

Mark said that the wounds initially led them to think that they were teeth marks while the elbow injury is definitely a puncture wound, not the result of mere brushing.

Nevertheless, since the video footage did not really reveal much of how Cameron got the injuries, Mark  speculates that if the injuries were not caused by the freshwater crocodile, then they were simply accidental, not an attack.

Mark also adds that freshwater crocodiles are not generally considered dangerous to humans so his son’s injuries are probably not caused by it.