The marathon sex scandal of diver Ingrid Oliveira rocked the 2016 Rio Olympic festivities. However, the ensuing media coverage seemed to make a victim of the athlete beyond reason.

The Olympic journey of Brazil’s synchronized divers for the 10-meter platform event ended sadly. The pair came in at last place in the competition. However, their loss gained infamy. Not for the defeat, but for the revelation of a sex marathon. Ingrid Oliveira reportedly engaged in a marathon sex session the night before the event. Thus, it supposedly led to her partner’s decision to pursue a solo athletic career. Moreover, Giovanna Pedroso stated she would not have to rely on anyone else.

News of sexual activities among athletes during the Olympics are common, hence the distribution of condoms at the Olympic Village. However, the attention given to the sex scandal of a female diver grew to slut shaming on social media. By contrast, comments seemed to hail the male canoeist who joined her as a winner for doing so. Connections.Mic cited the tweet of journalist Monica Morales who noted the gap of reactions to the issue.

“Two people have sex, but only Ingrid Oliveira is expelled. Pedro Goncalves continues in #Rio2016 and it’s all the woman’s fault, I guess. #machismo”

Local social media users gave support to the female athlete. However, the global media coverage focused more on the scandal. Leigh Cuen from the publication considered it as a prejudice towards female athletes. Thus, it would seem to be another case of misogyny on display. As Cuen pointed out, regardless of the actions of Oliveira, her personal life is not privy to the public. Hence, it’s no one’s business to shame her.

The Rio Olympics 2016 seemed to earn a distinction from its predecessors. This time around, cases of objectification and body shaming of female athletes were widely reported online. Yet it seems the case of slut shaming recently added to the list has only one subject, Ingrid Oliveira.