People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has announced a reward worth $5,000 for those who provide information regarding the whereabouts of motorists who killed 17 kangaroos in Wacol recently.

The dead bodies of the kangaroos were found on Grindle Road in Brisbane’s outskirts on Monday, between the men’s and women’s prison. PETA will offer the cash prize to anyone who could identify the killers and help in further legal proceedings. According to the Queensland Times, out of the 17 kangaroos, 16 were dead and one was so severly injured that he had to be euthanised. The tyre mark on the road indicated that the motorists targeted the kangaroos intentionally and it was not a mere accident.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is undergoing investigation but at the same time it has appealed to the public to speak about the matter in case they know anything. RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said that many of the kangaroos were young and one of them had to be euthanised. “They have been deliberately run over,” he said. “You can quite clearly see the tyre tracks where they have gone off the road to hit them.”

PETA Australia’s Campaigns Director Jason Baker told AAP that those who are cruel towards animal are cowards. “Animal abusers are cowards,” he said. “We’re appealing to anyone with information on the person or persons responsible for these cruel acts to come forward so that the perpetrators can be put where they belong: in jail.”

Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 mentions that cruelty to animals will lead to a penalty worth up to $235,000 or three years of imprisonment.

Recently, it has been seen that the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection has given permission for culling roos for some time. According to the ABC, Mayor Stuart Mackenzie said that the kangaroos were making driving difficult at night because of the unpredictable drought conditions. The department advocated for culling and ordered to begin it on February 9.