A court in Indonesia has sentenced 7 men in jail for supporting the Islamic State. They were all sentenced between three and five years. The presiding Judge Syahlan said that supporting IS should be regarded as an act of terrorism.

Euronews reported that the men were sentenced for charges ranging from training with a military camp in Syria to spreading extremist ideology. They were also helping Indonesians to travel to the Middle East and join ISIS by raising funds.

Judge Syahlan said, “What was proven was the defendants’ intent to conspire in, assist, and prepare terrorism-related activities.” He emphasized that it was not important whether they actually carried out any attack or not.

Four men: Ahmad Junaedi, Ridwan Sungkar, Helmi Muhammad Alamudi and Abdul Hakim Munabari have been sentenced between 3 and 4 years of imprisonment, Singapore’s online news Today reports. Among them, Helmi Muhammad Alamudi stayed in an IS camp for two weeks and worked as a guard there. He also  helped 39 Indonesian to join IS since June 2014.

Two other men,  Aprimul Henry and Koswara Ibnu Abdullah, who recruited Helmi, Ridwan, Ahmad and Abdul, were sentenced between 3 and 4 years.  The seventh man, Tuah Febriwansyah, who was also known as Muhammad Fachry, had been sentenced for 5 years as he was actively involved in spreading IS propaganda. He had his own radical website through which he used to post violent videos of terrorism according to the new report filed by Today.

Sidney Jones, a Jakarta based security expert, said that although the verdicts were a step forward yet they were still too lenient. She also commented that Indonesian security laws are not very strong.

Last month’s terrorist attack in Indonesia demands stricter anti-terrorism laws. Although, that was the first militant attack after 2009, there were reports that many Indonesians were joining IS.

The 10 suspected Islamist militants who were arrested last year in December substantiates that links with IS are not new to Indonesia. The militants were foiling plots to bomb minority Shia communities, reported Australia Network.