It has been eight years since everyone’s favorite daredevil archaeologist was seen on the big screen. But it has been officially confirmed that he will be back for “Indiana Jones 5.” This iconic character has been played by Harrison Ford since 1981. Will another actor be taking over the role this time?

Cinema Blend earlier suggested an actor who can possibly take on the role for the movie revival. “Chris Pratt is the new Harrison Ford,” the film blog previously claimed. Like Ford, Cinema Blend pointed out, Pratt also has “his own epic sci-fi space opera.” Ford starred in the film series, “Star Wars.” Pratt, meanwhile, appeared on the “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Pratt even wore what could pass as an “Indiana Jones” outfit for “Jurassic World.” Could the actor be the next to pick up and crack Jones’ iconic bullwhip for the movie’s next installment?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Star Lord will not be the next Indiana Jones. Director Steven Spielberg said he will not recast Ford for the upcoming movie. Pratt himself was baffled when asked about it. “No. I don’t know,” he told TMZ. “I just got back from being in the woods, killing a bunch of stuff. Maybe, but this is very jarring. I had no idea. First I’m hearing of it.”

Meanwhile, Spielberg told Hollywood Reporter that he is “super excited” for Indy’s return to the big screen. “I think this one is straight down the pike for the fans,” he teased.  He also assured fans that Indiana Jones will not be dying on screen anytime soon. “The one thing I will tell you is I’m not killing off Harrison [Ford] at the end of it,” he said. Ford’s other iconic character, Han Solo, recently died on screen after “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

“Indiana Jones 5” is expected to hit theaters in 2019.