Donald Trump has gained an unlikely group of supporters – a small right-wing Hindu group from India who believe he can curb Islamic Terrorism.

The Republican presidential candidate had proposed a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., which has received negative reactions both at home and abroad.

Trump has also backed the murder of the families of terrorists, as well as occupying Syria in order to eliminate the Islamic State group and take its oil.

However, the little-known group called the Hindu Sena has thrown their support towards the outspoken billionaire because they believe that he is “hope for humanity against Islamic terror,” according to the BBC News.

The group has held a prayer meeting, with dozens of its members lighting a ritual fire on Wednesday in a park in Delhi, as well as hanging a banner that declared their support for Trump.

“The whole world is screaming against Islamic terrorism, and even India is not safe from it,” said Vishnu Gupta, founder of the Hindu Sena nationalist group, according to Mashable. “Only Donald Trump can save humanity.”

Despite making plenty of controversial candidates, it hasn’t hindered Trump’s overall popularity as he has been performing outstandingly in all five Republican primaries, making him believe that he is now the “presumptive nominee” from the Republican Party.

Trump had also created controversy two months ago regarding Islam by saying that the religion “hates us” in an interview with CNN.

During the interview, he elaborated on the concept of hate, of which some people have a serious problem of. He left it to the media to work out when asked if hate was in Islam itself.

“We have to be very vigilant. We have to be very careful. And we can’t allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the United States.”