Independence Day: Resurgence is on its way to release, and it is already making the news. Moviegoers can’t wait to see a movie featuring Jeff Goldblum.

It is not new for disaster/apocalypse movies to destroy international landmarks as this provides publicity and creates an interest among specific audiences. It also gives film lovers a bit of a kick to see something they recognize violently destroyed.

Movies such as X-Men: Apocalypse, Pacific Rim, World War Z and the original Independence Day showed popular landmarks like Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge destroyed for promotion, notes

A new poster of Independence Day: Resurgence has been released, and it shows a continent-sized alien spaceship looming ominously over the whole of Australia.

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There are a lot of things to glean from the poster of the not-so-distant Australia. For instance, it appears that Sydney does not exist. A big old dark patch is hovering where Sydney should be. Probably, in the Independence Day Universe, the famous city was destroyed when the humongous spaceship crashed on the eastern suburbs. This leads to the supposition that Aliens are now attracted to Adelaide and Melbourne.

It is a bit depressing that everyone in future Australia seems to live in Adelaide, and it has turned out to be Australia’s largest city. Maybe Adelaide’s reputation for a heavily subsidized manufacturing hub has lured the worldwide anti-alien alliance.

In the latest exclusive clip from Independence Day: Resurgence, a high-tension drama is expected, and it would be worth seeing Goldblum swiftly moving into the role of David Levinson, notes Screenrant.

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However, it remains to be seen whether Independence Day: Resurgence lives up to its name after all of the hype that has been created. As far as the trailer and behind the scenes of Emmerich’s blockbuster sequel go, it appears to be truly promising.