Kids and kids at heart should be excited learning that there will be another “Incredibles” film. More than a decade after the first movie, the Parr family is back and “Incredibles 2” is expected to have more action and fun.

Director Brad Bird has already confirmed that the plot will be about relationships, but he didn’t reveal anything more than that. But we’ve let our imaginations run wild and listed Disney characters that Bob and Helen’s eldest child, Violet, could possibly have a romantic relationship with.

Here are 5 Possible Boyfriends for Violet:

Tony Rydinger

In the first film we witnessed Violet’s character as a timid junior highschool student who tried her best to fit in. Later on, she gained confidence and her crush, Tony, seemed to notice that and even asked her out. Could their blossoming love story be revealed in the sequel? We hope so.

Jack Frost

More like a crossover, a fanmade video was posted on Youtube featuring Violet and Jack Frost. While the possibilities are endless, Jack Frost has been linked to Queen Elsa as well.

Andy Davis

The playful young boy from “Toy Story” is already a college student. There might be a chance that he and Violet have met in some Pixar event and hooked up. Well, they look cute together, don’t they?

Hiro Hamada

This young boy from “Big Hero 6” may not have super powers, but his intelligence could capture any young lady’s heart, and possibly Violet’s.


This is probably the last thing that could happen in the sequel, but nothing is impossible, eh? Anyway, Lucius Best, or simply known as Frozone, is Mr. Incredible’s best friend. There could be a bit of a chance (or not?) that Violet could have developed a crush on him.

Do you think Violet will fall in love with any of these Disney characters? Let us know on the comments below!