Disney’s recent announcement revealed that “Incredibles 2” will be released in 2019, as opposed to rumors that it will be a 2016 release.

Fans may have to wait far more longer than expected, but the speculations surrounding the much-awaited movie have taken a life of their own.

Speaking of which, Edna Mode is rumored to be playing a bigger part in the second installment, wherein she may be seen flaunting her evil side. She happens to be the costume designer for the Parr family.

Now, on an entirely different story, an Edna Mode-like presence may be felt in a recently launched digital comic on the LINE Webtoon site.

David Tischman has just released a digital comic, which is surprisingly light and fun, unlike his other works, as per report on CBR. The new series revolves around superhero fashion and is titled, “Heroine Chic.”

One of the comic’s characters is Dyna Cuff who is a very successful superhero costumes designer. Does this sound familiar? As iO9 noted, Cuff is much-like Edna Mode. Whether it be her glasses or the hair, they spell Edna Mode out loud.  The similarity between the two just doesn’t end there; both also share their dislike for capes.

Those looking for more insight into “Heroine Chic,” here’s the official description of the comic series: “Set in a New York City filled with superheroes, ‘Heroine Chic’s’ main character is Zoe Porter, 24, a recent design school graduate who gets a dream job working for Dyna Cuff, the top designer of superhero costumes. Dyna is a fashion genius but a difficult boss, and her superhero clients are vain and insecure.”

Tischman said in a statement, “Superheroes are aspirational — and so is fashion.”

He added, “We put on clothes and we become someone else. Our secret identity is when we’re naked, standing in the closet, trying to figure out who we’re going to be that day.”