Tons of rumors and speculations have been surrounding the much-awaited “Incredibles 2.” Here’s a recap of all the predictions and plot rumors that may give a little more perspective to what fans can expect in this upcoming Disney-Pixar offering:

1. Edna Mode To Play Evil

Rumors are rife that Edna Mode, Parr family’s costume designer who managed to grab attention in the first instalment, may receive more screen time. If the speculations are anything to go by, then she may well be seen playing evil.

However, we hope not because we like her eccentric ways and want her around.

2. Jack-Jack – The Villain

The second candidate in line predicted to be playing the villain is Parr family’s very own – Jack Jack. It was thought that he didn’t possess any superpowers but the “Incredibles” finale revealed that he in fact has super strength and laser-like powers.

Again, while we would love to watch more of Jack-Jack on-screen, it will be very interesting to see how he turns against his own family if he adorns the antagonist’s hat.

3. The Present

One of the two movie plots rumored involves the Parr family members maintaining their age, with no time-leap. The movie would kick-off from right where the “Incredibles” left off.

Giving more insight into where they are in the process, director Brad Bird shared with Collider, “I have the story arc. I’m probably three-quarters through the script, first pass through the script, but we’re already boarding parts of it.”

4. The Future

Alternately, the movie is speculated to begin with a huge time-leap into the future where all members of the Parr family – Bob, Helen, Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack are grown-up.

The gap would probably provide the opportunity to also explain why Jack-Jack or Edna turn against the family, if they happen to arrive on the scene as villains.

5. More Screen Time For Frozone

A report on Movie Pilot shares that Frozone, a close friend of the Parr Family is due for more screen-space in the upcoming movie. Furthermore, his Super Suit needs a revamp as well. Whether we will see Frozone enjoying more screen time dressed in a new costume, remains to be seen, since no hints have been dropped by director Brad Bird on this.

6. Characters To Be The Champions

Characters will be champions in the upcoming sequel over much else, as Bird shared with Cross Map, “I think that the greatest special effect is caring about a character. A lot of movies seem to forget that, and they bring out a lot of fireballs and then wonder why the fireballs don’t have that much impact, no matter how loud and how big they are. But the truth is that the fireball isn’t that exciting unless you care about the person running from it.”

“Incredibles 2” is expected to hit theatres on June 21, 2019.