Retired Australian cricketer Shane Warne has braved it all in “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” from African clawed frogs, scorpions, Madagascar hissing cockroaches and rats. He was also bitten by an anaconda, reports Now, Warnie feels he’s had enough.

Warne, along with singer Anthony Callea, was voted by viewers to take part in a tucker trial in the reality show and wasn’t very eager about it. “It’s meant to be fun coming here, I don’t wanna be here any more. I wanna leave,” an unhappy Warne said, as quoted by Daily Mail.

Shane Warne had joined the reality show in January and said that the show will reveal his “real” self.

The 46-year-old ex-spin bowler said that he was almost willing to go to the Tok Tokkie hut, the camp’s diary room, to say the magic words that will allow him to leave camp. “”So close to walking up to the Tok Tokkie now and saying ‘get me out of here,'” he told fellow contestant and ex-AFL footballer Brendan Fevola, reports NZ Herald with AAP.

Viewers however, weren’t very sympathetic and slammed Warne for wanting to quit the show. “Shane Warne, more Shane Whinge!!!” tweeted Nicktacular. Janelle Berner wrote in a post on Twitter, “Do us all a favour then shane and leave the jungle. I doubt the public would miss you #ImACelebrityAU.”

Some were more unforgiving than others. Paulina Hopkins posted on Twitter “That’s why you got paid $2M to do this Warnie. It’s not meant to be fun #ImACelebrityAU.”

Despite all the complaining, however, Warne did compete in the “tucker trial” with Callea. They even managed to successfully navigate inside an abandoned mineshaft and received 9/10 points. There were ten caverns with ten stars filled with various sorts of jungle critters. The participants had ten minutes to find them all.

However, it wasn’t Warne, but Callea who was lowered into the shaft, while Shane was on the controls in addition to providing the much needed moral support to the singer, who immediately faced millipedes, giant snails, rats, tarantulas, scorpions, crabs, snakes, and a monitor lizard.

Show host Julia Morris congratulated them on their performance, and Warne and Callea’s win will ensure food for the campsite for the next week.