It is true! Shane Warne has been eliminated from “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.” Warne couldn’t get over his fear for spiders, which led to him being thrown out of the jungle. Shane Warne was one of the top favourites to win the AU$100,000 grand prize for his charity.

The legendary cricketer is a self-confessed arachnophobe, which is a phobia of spiders and other arachnids. The last challenge that Warne faced needed him to hold a tarantula in one hand. 9 News states that the star even had to punch himself in the face in a bid to brace for the challenge. Despite his fears and tears, the sportsman held on to the spider for 30 seconds. The elimination shocked Warne’s fans, family, and even fellow contestants. His daughter Brooke even took to Twitter to express her shock and her pride for her Dad.

According to, the spider challenge was the hardest of all those Warne faced in the jungle. “It is not just being afraid, this is the ultimate, you can’t test me with anything else that is harder. I like to think through this last six seeks I have given absolutely everything a crack. This is the hardest thing I will ever have to do in my life,” he revealed.

Warne’s efforts to get over his fears even got to his fellow contestants. Brendan Fevola was seen comforting Warne. Warne’s breathing quickened after the spider was placed on his hand. Paul Harragon too was seen cheering for Warne. “You can do it, you can do it. Everything’s brilliant,” said the NRL star to support Warne. Laurina Fleure too revealed that it was hard to watch Warne struggle with the tarantula. 9 News reveals that Warne was seen breaking down after the creepy crawlie was removed. “I’ve never reacted in any situation like that,” he said.

However, before leaving, Warne told the hosts, Chris Brown and Julia Morris, that his exit was disappointing, states Daily Mail. “It’s an amazing sort of feeling … I suppose on one hand I’m very relieved and excited that I’m out. But to go six weeks, to get so close and to the final three, it’s disappointing too,” he confessed.

“Look, it feels good to be out and I look forward to getting home and seeing family, friends and children and everything. It was an amazing experience. For all the reasons I came on the show, I feel like I’ve achieved them and I’m proud to make it this far. It’s disappointing still,” Warne revealed.

However, in his usual indomitable spirit, the star left the show with a “see you, suckers.”