Network Ten’s “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here” has been in the news even before it premiered on the channel. First, it was for their amazing coup, when they got Shane Warne to participate in the show. Next, it was for standing behind Channel 7’s “My Kitchen Rules” in ratings war.

It is time yet for another news on the show for having the lamest challenge ever in the history of reality show challenges. In the last episode of this show, contestants Laurina Fleure and Akmal Saleh were seen feeding dead chickens to uninterested crocs. In fact, it took a whopping 12 minutes for one random croc to snap up a dead chicken.

Twitter was buzzing with more activity yesterday than the “I’m A Celebrity” episode. Viewers vent out their frustration saying that the producers and challenge designers would be sacked over such a lame challenge.

Courier Mail reveals what Twitter user Riley ranted. “A producer at im a celebrity surely just got fired for that challenge idea.” Another user feels the same. “#ImACelebrityAU a producer somewhere just sacked one of the challenge designers,”  that user tweeted.

The lamest challenge ever, however distracted viewers from Courtney Hancock’s exit from the show. states that even though she was the least known celebrity on the show, Courtney Hancock was full of confidence.

“I feel pretty confident with the physical stuff because I’m going in at my peak fitness having just been racing literally last weekend,” she had told News Corp while entering the show.

The “I’m A Celebrity” challenge also overshadowed the tiff between Anthony Callea and Havana Brown. Havana Brown has accused Anthony Callea of being rude towards Laurina Fleure, reveals Courier Mail. The tensions between the two are now threatening to divide the participants.

The only hope is Bindi Irwin’s presence on the show tonight. Hopefully, that can cool the tensions and give some time to the challenge designers to cook up a real challenge.