With the outbreak of Zika virus in Australia, the government has began warning the public and helping them by spreading awareness about the disease.

Australia is not directly prone to the attack of the virus, but people bring it home while traveling to other countries where the infection has taken place. The most prominent of all effects is the impact of the infection on pregnant women. When a pregnant woman comes in contact with the disease, it affects the brain development of the child being carried.

What makes the infection even riskier is its inability to be identified. Here is a list of symptoms that can help people identify if there are chances of them getting infected with Zika virus in Australia or abroad.


It is the most common indication that is usually confused with regular headache. This starts at the very initial stage of the infection. Hence, if people find a headache disturbing them on a regular basis, they can opt for a blood test immediately.

Skin Rashes

The headache is followed by skin rashes, and looks as if the person has been affected by some allergy. So if a person observes a headache and red rashes on his or her skin, he/she must rush to a doctor.

Mild Fever

Fever is also a usual symptom among people suffering from Zika virus infection.


Reddening of the eyes is again another common symptom of Zika virus infection in patients. If one has blood-spotted eyes, he/she must visit the doctor immediately.

Joint Pains

Painful joints are experienced by Zika-affected people. A person might face severe pain in the wrists, ankles and knees along with other simultaneous signs.

Muscle Pain

Aside from your joints, your muscles might also suffer from serious pain, which you might ignore and confuse with regular muscle strain.

Eye Pain

Pain behind the eyes is also usual.

Neurological Problems

In some of the instances, it has been observed that patients face temporary paralysis and other neurological issues. This is one of the indications that require instant attention even if not because of Zika infections.


According to CDC, unstable mental and physical status with increased level of stress also points towards a person affected with Zika virus.

No symptoms at all

The most important point of all is that you may not experience any change in your health, which could signify the viral infection. In that case, it is suggested that you go for routine check-ups and take a blood test if you find yourself in a situation where the virus might attack your body.