Iggy Azalea is blessed because she has Demi Lovato as her BFF. The Australian rapper Iggy is badly heartbroken after the shocking cheating video of her fiancé Nick Young leaked. Now Demi, 23, has proved that Iggy, 25, can count on her when it comes to seeking a pal support at a bad phase of her life. The American singer has been there by her BFF’s side, offering a shoulder to cry on.

According to Hollywood Life, the young American singer is really helping Iggy to come out of the heartbreak. Demi is acting like a guardian angel to her.

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A source reveals that Demi is teaching the world the true meaning of “friendship.” She is not at all behaving pushy by understanding Iggy’s mental state and respecting her privacy. Demi is doing everything she can do to ease Iggy’s feelings of grief. One reliable source told Hollywood Life that the friend-pair is so close that Iggy recently revealed that Demi was going to be one of her four bridesmaids when she was planning her marriage to Nick, adding “She better sing at my wedding.” Now that ceremony may never take place, at all if Iggy calls the relationship off because of Nick’s unfaithfulness.

Nick, the famous American basketball player was allegedly cheating on his fiancé Iggy. Recently a leaked video shot and posted online by one of his teammate D’Angelo Russell (without the knowledge of Nick) has created a ripple in the celebrity industry. The leaked video shows Nick’s confession of cheating on Iggy. He has been openly talking about hooking up with a 19-year-old while he was 30. A second clip shows D’Angelo asking about Amber Rose, who the NBA star responds is “more my girl,” rather than someone he’d get romantic with, reports Hollywood Life.  The video was posted when Iggy asked someone on Twitter to post an alleged video of Nick cheating on her saying, “If there’s proof of cheating, she’d be doing me a favor to post it actually. im not tryna marry a cheater.”


Until now, neither  Iggy or Nick has openly commented anything about their patch-up. At a pre-game news conference March 30, Nick simply expressed, “What happened is what happened,” considering what he revealed on the video.