Year 2016 has been rough for Australian actress Iggy Azalea. Her split with Nick Young became public, and got worse when his high school sweetheart Keonna Green revealed that she’s pregnant with their second child.

Amidst the scandal, the singer/rapper still believes that the best is yet to come. She openly expressed her emotions during her interview with Notion Magazine (via Mirror.)

First, she went on to explain that she is still to produce movies and television series and continue to fulfill her musical career. However, she also admitted that most people have said awful things to her throughout her musical journey and personal life.

“We can all see I get a lot more s**t than other people in the music business. That’s not even debatable. There isn’t anything awful left I haven’t heard said about me,” Azalea said.

However, she continued by stating that she does not want to be vulnerable in front of her mother. Previously, she said that Green’s pregnancy is a “second shot to her heart.”

Green revealed in a previous interview that she is sure that Young is the baby daddy. They conceived the baby in September 2015 while he is still dating Azalea.

Azalea broke up with her boyfriend of five years after she caught him bringing another woman into their house via CCTV, but Green’s announcement surprised her even more.

Iggy Azalea has been open about her separation with the NBA star. Meanwhile, Young claims on TMZ that he’s back on track after their break up.

He told the outlet that he will be a basketball player now that he is newly single. He also revealed that he did not attend the ESPY Awards on July 13 because he wants to avoid questions about the issue.

For those who did not track their relationship, the former couple were inseparable for five long years until a scandalous video of Young came out.

The video shows Young proclaiming that he has not been faithful to Azalea. Nonetheless, the couple remained together until June 2016.

The revelation about the CCTV footage just came out recently but Green adding shocking details to the drama must have made it even worse.

Let’s see where the Iggy Azalea and Nick Young clash will lead us. Readers, stay tuned for more juicy updates.