If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5 premieres on September 13 to delight fans. The Tyler Perry hit series returns to OWN with new episodes to explore the bliss and difficulties of relationships.

Tyler Perry took inspiration from his 2014 film The Single Moms Club and created the primetime TV series. Each character comes from varied backgrounds yet their children draw them together in the story. Here are five big stories to expect with the return of If Loving You Is Wrong for a fifth season.

1. Alex (Amanda Clayton) will continue to deal with her racist father Rusty. Consequently, the custody of the baby comes into question in Season 5.

The birth of her baby and the discovery of who the father was did not do well for Alex. According to Gossip and Gab, her father Rusty could not accept that she had an affair with Randal (Eltony Williams). Thus, it led to an encounter between him and her former lover.

2. Revenge is still high on Randal’s agenda in If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5. His last promise to Alex was a court date when she did not let him in the house. Yet did he make it out alive after his altercation with Rusty and his gang?

3. Lushion (Malik Whitfield) reveals a secret to Natalie (April Parker Jones). Lushion earlier revealed his identity as an FBI agent to her on the Season 4 finale. Hence, what other secret does Lushion have in store for Natalie in If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5?

4. Kelly (Edwina Findley Dickerson) will continue to look for love in the new season.

5. Edward (Joel Rush) and Julius (Octavio Pizano) cross paths once again.

If Loving You Is Wrong follows the lives of five women: Alex, Kelly, Marcie, Esperanza and Natalie. Each character presents a relatable personality. Their struggles often come close to reality. Perhaps, it is the key to its success with viewers.