The identity of the woman killed in a horrific accident on a West Australian highway has been revealed. The victim was a 62-year-old woman named Jenni Pratt.

Pratt, who was driving a Toyota Rav4, was killed when a 45-year-old driver of a Toyota Landcruiser crossed onto the wrong side of the Bussell Highway at Capeland. Pratt also had a 54-year-old passenger, who was critically injured and needed to be airlifted to a hospital.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Landcruiser is also in a critical condition after the accident caused him to be thrown from his vehicle. He is also receiving treatments in a hospital. Witnesses to the scene said that they saw the Landcruiser going erratically on the wrong side of the highway. The incident was recorded with their mobile phones.

Among the observers of the incident was Dan Mateljan, who was also driving down the WA highway together with his two friends. He also captured the event on camera.

Mateljan can be heard saying “this dude is trying to kill someone for sure” at the beginning of the video. He said that he tried to contact the authorities. He also saw when the Landcruiser crashed into the Rav4.

The crash caused debris to fly into the air. Along with his friends, Mateljan went to the site of the crash as soon as possible to provide help for the victims. Other witnesses also filmed the crushed Rav4 being towed away from the Landcruiser. At this time, the Rav4 was already on fire.

“Completely erratic, there was no explanation for it. He was physically driving his vehicle off-road to take out signs and then veering into the oncoming traffic to then deliberately have a head-on collision,” Mateljan told 9NEWS.

9NEWS also reports that Jake Mangini, who was one of the drivers that were run off the road by the 45-year-old driver, saw what the driver was doing before the accident. According to him, the driver’s face was unbelievable. He said:

“The guy’s face was unbelievable like I’ve never seen before. He was jumping around in his car and going nuts like he was happy about what he had actually done.”

Mateljan added that the driver flew out of the windscreen of his Landcruiser. They saw him lying in the middle of the WA Highway. According to 9NEWS, another witness says that the man was camping on a beach at Capel earlier. He had an argument with someone, possibly his partner.

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