Commuters are facing difficulties due to the closure of the Hurstbridge line following a collision between a car and a train in North Melbourne on Wednesday night.

The car hit the city-bound train’s side at the crossing of Marshall Street in Ivanhoe. The spot where the mishap occurred at 9pm was located between Clifton Hill and Heidelberg.  The reports revealed that a pair of teenagers was in the car when it flipped before being damaged by the train. The teens suffered minor injuries.

The driver was an 18-year-old while the passenger was 19. A Victorian Police spokesman confirmed that the former was unable to control the car seeing the train passing the track. Hence, he flipped the sedan before even touching the track.

“The car flipped onto its roof and the train sustained some damage,” he said. “The driver was not injured and is assisting police with enquiries.”

A media outlet reported that the train conductor did not even realize the accident until the train reached two other stations when he saw the damages to the train because of the side collision. The passengers on the train did not experience any damage to health and property.

According to a report, the driver was questioned because of his reckless driving and careless handling of the sedan.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade spokesman confirmed that there were no reports of major injuries. Due to the closure of the Hurstbridge line, the nation’s metro authorities have ordered buses as an alternative conveyance.

“Two male occupants have got themselves out of the car, which is quite unusual considering the way the front of the car has been crushed,” the brigade’s Jack Clarke said as quoted by ABC. “There was a bit of a commotion when we turned up, but all in all, they’re very lucky to walk away … with their lives.”

According to The Age, the train carried 12 passengers at the time of the accident.