Jamaica and Haiti have been struck by one of the strongest hurricanes, Matthew, in recent years. It is expected to cause landslides and flooding in the area.

Authorities have issued a warning against the hurricane in Cuba and the Bahamas as it seems to be nearing the regions. Matthew is a Category Four storm that is capable of bringing rainfall of up to 40 inches. It is believed to bring heavy landslides and floods whenever it passes a particular region. The impact of the hurricane is already being felt in some parts of Jamaica, which have led to the road blockages in the capital Kingston.

According to experts, the effects of the hurricanes could have been more serious if Matthew would pass over the southwest region later. As a result, the authorities have asked the residents to gather sufficient food and water to make sure they could feed themselves at the time of any calamity. They have been requested to secure their homes as several people were still residing in tents after the 2010 earthquake.

Reports have also indicated that Matthew might hit areas of the coastal southeastern states of America. Hence, the progress of the hurricane is being continuously monitored from Florida to the coastal Carolinas for the expected effects of the powerful natural calamity over the weekend.

“While there remains significant uncertainty in the track of Matthew in the long range, the threat to Florida and the southeastern U.S. coast has increased,” The National Hurricane Center said on Monday.

Heavy rainfall and wild winds are expected in the southern areas of Haiti, including Les Cayes and Jeremie. “Wherever that center passes close to us, we would see the worst winds, and that’s what’s projected to happen for the western tip of Haiti,” BBC quoted US hurricane specialist John Cangilosi as saying. “There is a big concern for rains there and also a big concern for [a] storm surge.”

Interim President Jocelerme Privert has asked Haitians to leave their houses if they are believed to be on the verge of collapse and take shelter at schools and churches open to all during the hurricane Matthew strike.