The fans of Yoshihiro Togashi’s “Hunter x Hunter” manga series can breathe an air of relief. According to Crunchy Roll,  the Jump Plus digital Manga app has announced that “Hunter x Hunter” manga series will be making a return. Following the updates of Natalie and Rhkilis the website further stated that more information about the manga’s return will be published in issue 16 of the magazine.

As per Kotaku, the teaser site Shonen Jump said 連載再開 or basically “serial reopened” and 遂に動き出す! or literally  “finally begins to move!” The teaser also talks about the Dark Continent Arc, which is good news for excited fans.

According to the records, the last episode 148 was telecast way back in September 2014 and it has been more than a year since the hiatus began. Due to the poor health of Togashi, the manga series stopped at chapter 349 and the “Dark Continent” arc is just getting started.

When the long gap led to build frustration among the huge fan base, a website emerged to keep updated with “Hunter x Hunter”. The online site tracks and manages information related to the publication of the “Hunter x Hunter” series and its many breaks in continuity, reveals Crunchy Roll.

Everything is recorded in a series of easy-to-read graphs and charts on this visual format, all of which detailed the unpredictable publication history of “Hunter x Hunter”.

For now it is unknown on when the continuation of the manga will be released, but if it goes to publication in August this year, the series’ hiatus would have lasted two years.

It remains to be seen whether this teaser can act as a soother for the agitated fans in days to come. More information about the return of ‘Hunter x Hunter’ manga will be given away in the next issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump.” It is the weekly digital manga magazine, which according to Kotaku, goes on sale March 19 in Japan.