The next chapter of “Hunter X Hunter” is about to be released soon. The story is rumored to pick up where the Dark Continent arc left off. What kinds of trouble will Gon and his friends find themselves in this time? What would Episode 359 have in store for fans?

If the Hall of Fame Magazine is proven correct, Kurapika might just find himself in a sticky situation next chapter. He might even face off with one of his friends’ assassin brothers.

The past chapter ended with a commotion on the lower decks of the Black Whale Ship. Kurapika will still be working as a bodyguard for the queen in Episode 359. As such, he will be forced to check out where the commotion came from. While making his rounds, he will spot Killua’s brother Illumi lurking about the ship. However, according to Hall of Fame, Kurapika will choose not to confront him right away.

“He knew… it would be risky to tail an assassin without a plan,” the entertainment blog said. Who was Illumi hired to kill this time? And more importantly, just how would Kurapika thwart Illumi’s plans? Fans might have to wait for the next chapter to be released to find out.

Meanwhile, according to, fans might have to wait a little while longer for the manga’s follow-up.  Rumors suggest the series’ creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, is experiencing a bit of a writer’s block.

“It would be nice to believe that Togashi has a master plan [for the series], a way to tie everything together,” the blog said. “But it seems far more likely that he simply wrote himself into a corner and is now scrambling to hold a story together.” Will he ever finish another chapter?

A release date for the 359th Episode of “Hunter X Hunter” has yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for updates.