For the fans of “Hunter X Hunter,” it is not very good news around. If sources are to be believed, there is a cancellation buzz making rounds. Is Hunter X Hunter chapter 360 canceled? Here are some inputs on it!

As per the announcement made by Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine 2016’s 31st issue, Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter X Hunter manga is getting into a hiatus. The period of this pause is indefinite. The magazine also added that it will inform on the resuming date for the manga once some decision is taken regarding it.

It was only in April this year that the manga had resumed after a long two-year hiatus. Last time when it appeared in 2014 as a combined 37th/38th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump in August 2014. The discontinuation which started initially as a two-week break due to the author’s serious lower back pain extended until April 2016, Anime News Network  reports.

Togashi’s longest Hunter x Hunter publication streak is 30 issues and longest hiatus is 80 issues.

The manga’s 33rd volume which is the first compiled book volume for the series since December 2012, was shipped by Shueisha. The 32nd compiled book volume was released by Viz Media in North America in April 2014. Even there are two television anime series which are inspired by the manga. The latest one ran from 2011 until 2014. Not just this, the manga also inspired two anime films as well as many original video anime titles.

The 359 chapter which was the last too, of “Hunter X Hunter”,  showed Kurapika navigating the Black Whale. He was on the mission to safeguard the Queen Oito and her daughter Woble as well as helping them to escape the Black Whale before they’re killed.

He faces difficulties at the end of chapter 359 when he stumbles upon many security guards who are dead. Deciding not to be passive anymore, he sets free his chains and his gun to warn everyone in front of him that he’ll reveal some important information and that they should do the same … or meet their death. The chapter comes to an end, briefs Design & Trend.

While fans are waiting to read “Hunter X Hunter” chapter 360, looks like there isn’t much luck.  We hope it is just a hiatus and not a cancellation!