If you thought emulating your idol to the tee on Halloween or aiming for perfect abs was going that extra mile, then Pixee Fox, 25 has gone far ahead and beyond what many can imagine.

As reported by Movie Pilot, Pixee has gone as far as splurging $119,200 to look just like the popular Mattel toy – Barbie. Even then she thinks she has a long way to go to achieve the look she desires.

So far, the woman has undergone butt lift, cheek injections, breast implants and lip fillers. But as it appears that all those procedures didn’t do enough to achieve the purpose.  So in a bizarre move, Pixee Fox has gone ahead and has six ribs removed to achieve a 14-inch waistline.

Thinking about what it means to leave your vital organs unprotected or to go to the extent to achieve the look of your idol, may have many squirming with fright. But Pixee, currently residing in NorCal, USA, is aware about the image she is projecting.

She says, “People often come up to me and say, ‘don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like a cartoon’ – but for me that’s a compliment, that’s what I want to achieve. Those cartoon characters represent the idealization of the female body. I want to achieve that ideal.”

It appears that Ukraine’s Valeria Lukyanova or @BarbieHumana, also a human Barbie, has some serious competition from Pixee, who shows no signs of stopping at her recent surgery.


Talking about her being an inspiration to her many followers on social media platforms, she adds, “There are many beautiful women who have transformed themselves in various ways – and I admire all of them – but most have only changed a few things or exaggerated one thing. It’s not my goal to inspire people to get plastic surgery.”

But it looks like Pixee will be dabbling in more of those to achieve the Barbie look. Drop a line below about the transformation of Pixee to a human Barbie.