After successfully winning a lawsuit against Gawker Media, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is ready to get back to the WWE. According to a source, Hulk is now ready to get his life back in order.

There were headlines this week regarding Hulk’s $115 million judgment win against Gawker. The claim was that Gawker Media had posted a trailer of a sex tape that Hulk was unaware of.

According to, while Gawker has filed an appeal, Hogan could actually still win more money.

I came back to wwe for all of you brothers but I can't go more I will stop because I am to old for it but not now it will be soon

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“Hulk Hogan is beyond pleased with the results and is looking to get his life back in order,” the source said. “And he would love his job back with the WWE.”

This comes right after Hulk put his sex tape lawsuit behind him. The source also said that WWE is the organisation that made him famous.

Hulk’s been wrestling since the 1970. He has not been inside the “squared circle” since July 2015, when WWE terminated his contract because of the sex tape’s content.

The sex tape had Hulk making racial remarks along with reiteration of the “N-word.” The lawsuit was drafted by Hulk for violation of privacy after Gawker posted video recording of him having sex with his best friend’s wife back in 2012.

One of the biggest and prolific names in professional wrestling, the Hulkster’s return to WWE would be a most important triumph. He had been handling the Gawker lawsuit for the past four years, says Hollywood Life.

The WWE Hall of Famer might be awarded with punitive damage, as the jury for the Hogan vs. Gawker trial will be back on Monday morning. Punitive damages are considered to be significant in legal terms.

While a jury of six ruled that Hulk’s privacy had indeed been violated, the lawsuit ended on March 18.

Gawker could however, file for bankruptcy but Hulk would still make a lot of money.  Gawker has a net revenue of almost $45 million per year, according to media reports.