A Florida jury awarded Hulk Hogan US$ 115 million (approx. $150 million).

He had fought numerous matches in the ring. However, no other match was more important to the former pro wrestler than his lawsuit against Gawker Media.

For this particular match, the retired pro wrestler went up against a major online media company and won.

It took the jury six hours to deliberate on Hogan’s invasion of privacy case versus Gawker.com, the New York Times reported.

The website revealed the breakdown for his compensation. Terry G. Bollea, Hulk Hogan’s legal name in court, will receive US$55 million (approx. $72 million) for economic damage and US$60 ($78 million) for emotional suffering.

The same jury will discuss punitive damages next week, the website added.

David Houston, the lawyer for the former pro wrestler, issued this statement after the verdict.

“Mr. Bollea is exceptionally happy. This is not only his victory today, but also anyone else who’s been victimized by tabloid journalism,” CNN Money posted Houston’s message online.

The website also revealed that Hogan was visibly emotional as his lawyer spoke. Later on, the former wrestler sent out this tweet of gratitude.

Hogan sued Gawker Media over the publication of a sex video. The online media company posted the two-minute clip in 2012.

The Hollywood Reporter recalled that the video showed Hogan with Heather Cole as they engaged in sexual intercourse. Cole is the former wife of Hogan’s best friend Todd Alan Clem, better known as radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge.

When Gawker posted the sex tape, it included an essay written by their editor-in-chief at the time A.J. Daulerio. His write-up talked about celebrity sex. It also gave a graphic account of the sex act caught on tape, the website added.

Hulk Hogan is no stranger to controversy. In 2015, his use of the N-word caused him to lose his Hall of Famer profile with WWE. Hogan also had other benefits with the entertainment company removed.