Hugs are not allowed in a Victoria school. A primary school in Geelong has banned its students from hugging each other and asked children to find other ways like high five and clunk knuckles to show their affection.

John Grant, St. Patricks Primary School principal said “nothing in particular” caused the ban.

He said, “But in this current day and age we are really conscious about protecting kids and teaching them from a young age that you have to be cautious.”

According to Grant he had spoken to the teacher regarding the decision and the teacher in their turn spoken to the classes. They also instructed the children on different ways of showing affection. Although, he did not really consult with the parents but he said he will send them a letter on Monday, reported Herald Sun.

Grant said, “We have a lot of kids who walk up and hug each other and we’re trying to encourage all of us to respect personal space. It really comes back to not everyone is comfortable in being hugged. ”

Some parents of the children and some others criticised the ban.

A parent said, “I’ve done some studies in psychology and touch is actually one of the basic human needs, touching and hugging. A Catholic school in Melbourne tore out pages of textbooks and now another Catholic school is banning hugging.”

However, the principal later explained that his statement was misunderstood and that there was never a ban on hugs, as stated by Yahoo7. He hit back at the hugging ban reports and fired back at claims made against the school’s alleged  ban.

Grant noted, “Let me be clear St Patrick’s school has not applied a blanket ban on hugging. We are simply focused (sic) on teaching all students to respect their own and other people’s personal space. We are encouraging students to consider other forms of positive acknowledgement as all students have the right to feel safe and comfortable at school.”

A few months back a French school was in controversy for allowing students to smoke within the school premises.