Back in February, Huawei and Leica had announced that they will be going into a partnership to work together on further advancing the field of mobile photography, with the Chinese manufacturer’s upcoming flagship to be the first in line to feature the camera borne out of the German camera company’s expertise. Now, it seems that the partnership finally bore fruit, with several pictures of the P9 flagship being circulated around the internet.

There have been previous leaks of the Huawei P9 that we’ve seen already, and the latest image seems to reinforce what have been revealed before. Comparing the wave of the last leak to the new ones, its design clearly shows that there’s consistency with what’s been going around the rumour mill. First, the white strip at the top of the back panel is now replaced by a black coloured strip with Leica’s name on the right. The placement of the two camera sensors and the flash are also kept.

Upon closer inspection, the typeface used in the leak closely follows what the company has been using as its own camera lenses. What’s more, it also shows us more details regarding the new handset. Leica has equipped the purported P9 with a Summarit lens, and its specifications include and f/2.2 aperture as well as a 27mm equivalent focal length.


The company has already sent out invites, and it looks like the P9 will be officially announced on April 6. “We are going to launch our P9 flagship phone very soon and this is a product that we worked with Leica to produce,” said Huawei Deputy Chairman Guo Ping at a press conference at the Shenzhen headquarters.

It’s only a couple of days until the Chinese smartphone manufacturer finally unveils its upcoming flagship, so you don’t actually have to hold your breath too long and wait for a couple of leaks to surface again to see what the P9 has to offer.