Only months after the Huawei P9 made its debut, news about its successor are already making rounds online. One feature rumored on the Huawei P10 is a front-facing fingerprint scanner.

Phone Arena reports on the possibility of the fingerprint scanner being at the front of the device. However, the website clarifies that this is nothing but an unconfirmed rumor for now. Speculating on the said feature being front-facing is logical since Huawei would most likely make some slight changes on the Huawei P10.

Techno Buffalo backs the report by saying that the rumor comes from a Weibo tipster. It has been proven in the past that speculation coming from Weibo tipsters eventually prove to be true. Aside from this trend, the tipster further reports that the company is simply jumping in the bandwagon of what the industry is doing now. It is a common feature for fingerprint scanners to be at the front of the device.

In terms of functionality, the move of the feature may not make a major difference. Techno Buffalo details that a front-facing scanner will be beneficial in unlocking a phone without picking up. Still, the rear-facing fingerprint scanner also had its own advantages in terms of being able to unlock the phone before it reaches one’s face.

Android Headlines does not dismiss the fact that such rumors could be false; hence, it must be taken with a grain of salt. However, the website also acknowledges that the Huawei P9 has long been rumored to sport a dual-rear camera setup which was proven true at the device’s release.

As for other aspects of the Huawei P10 such as its specs, the company may go with higher end technologies than those used on the P9.

Meanwhile, in terms of release date, most of the sources agree that the Huawei P10 may be released in early 2017.