The long wait is finally over with ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ fans. Season 3 Premiere is to air today, September 22 at 10|9c. The HTGAWM Season 2 left the fans with a jaw dropping finale where Wallace Mahoney, Wes’ biological father, get murdered right before his eyes. This let the fans looking for answers to who killed Wes’ allegedly biological father?

As per US Weekly’s interview with Peter Nowalk, the writer and producer of the show, while everyone’s thinking that Wallace’s is Wes’ father, is it not yet true until it’s confirmed by a DNA.

So who really killed Wes’ allegedly biological father? Nowalk wouldn’t even spoil, but it is sure that Mahoney’s killer will be a huge part of the season. According to Nowalk, Mahoney’s killer will either be revealed in the first minute of the season or it’ll be part of a longer mystery.

There are rumors that it could be Frank, who killed Wallace Mahoney. To recap a bit, Wallace lure Frank to betray Annalise, considering him being responsible for her miscarriage. Wallace is a known and powerful man with a lot of enemies, and so is Frank.

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This Season 3 of HTGAWM, fans are expecting the same level of momentum and drama that left them last season. This new season will sure have a different format compared to the last season according to the showrunner, Nowalk.

The relationship of Wes and Annalise is highlighted after everthing they have gone throughout the season, from Rebecca’s mysterious death to learning about Annalise’s history with his mother.Wes will realize now why Annalise has been doing everything for him since he joined the Keating 5.

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