“How to Get Away With Murder” season 3 has yet to premiere sometime in September, but the clamour for answers to its cliffhanger finale increases with each passing day.

Anticipation over Frank’s fate is particularly high among viewers after his relationship with Annalise went south. His disappearance at the end of the season 2 finale raised fears that Charlie Weber wouldn’t be back for season 3 of “How to Get Away With Murder.” However, the actor shut down the rumours, Design & Trend reported.

Weber assured his return to the drama series in a previous interview with TV Line. However, his character isn’t about to get back into Annalise’s team so easily given the circumstances. Thus, he revealed that a “realignment of certain relationships” could be possible in season 3.

“I don’t know if there’s any way even Bonnie and Annalise can stand in a room together the way things have shaken out. So it’ll be really interesting to see what happens in Season 3, to see how the show adapts and changes shape because of the realignment of certain relationships,” Weber told the publication. When asked if he thought Frank killed Wallace, Weber revealed he had no idea who did it. Although he admitted his character was one of Wallace’s enemies.

“It would certainly fit the story, but again I have no idea who pulled that trigger — or why. Wallace was a powerful man with a lot of enemies, and Frank is certainly one of them,” Weber added.

“How to Get Away With Murder” creator Pete Nowalk answered questions about who-shot-Wallace in an earlier interview with Variety. Nowalk revealed two options for the revelation of Wallace’s killer in season 3.

“There are two options for me — it’s either in the first minute in the show, or that’s a longer mystery because it’s a more complicated story,” Nowalk revealed. He also considered the theory that Frank killed Wallace as logical given his desire to “make good with Annalise.”

Weber’s assurance of his character’s return would tie in with Nowalk’s statement about what happens next in season 3, as he expressed his intention to delve deeper into the past of Frank and Bonnie. “Both of their backstories, we’ve hinted at certain things, but we haven’t shown it. The storylines that I have in my head are very rich and complex, so I don’t know when we’ll tell them, but I think they are worth seeing,” Nowalk said.