Oscar-nominated series “How to Get Away with Murder” featuring Viola Davis has her muscle man running away after the secret truth about Sam and him came out in season two finale.

Emily Swallow, the lady at the bar with whom Frank (Charlie Weber) slept 10 years ago gave cash to Frank who in turn gave to Wes (Alfred Enoch) to rid of him as he was searching for Rebecca’s body.

All those crimes have turned from juicy to messy. The series’ overarching question is still, “Who has murdered Annalise’s philandering husband?” according to Variety.

“This show is about people clinging to each other in very desperate and dark times,” Pete Nowalk, the show’s creator tells Hollywood Reporter.

Caleb’s (Kendrick Sampson) identity was revealed as the killer when he turned on Annalise. Just before the closing few minutes when Frank went missing and Wes came face to face with his father Wallace (Adam Arkin), scene was shown where the mogul’s head was ripped off by the attacker in front of him.

These events have led to some hook-ups between Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Asher (Matt McGorry).

Here are a few questions answered by Nowalk to Hollywood Reporter. Some secrets are let out of the bag.

Q: Now that Annalise knows her baby’s death wasn’t her fault is there a chance she’ll lighten up?

A: I went into this season wanting to see Annalise be happy and show more parts of her personality, but clearly we went in a very dark direction. It’s always possible but Annalise is who she is. The show is what it is. We get moments of lightness from her already, I just want to stay true to the character and the real horrible stakes that she’s living in make it hard to find her just giggling about a joke.

Q: Is the Wallace murder and who did it a key point in the third season?

A: We don’t go back to working on the third season until May, but Wes’ childhood and who his father is — that’s a major part of his life. So whether it’s something that we answer quickly, like who killed Rebecca (Katie Findlay) in the premiere, or the version where we extend it … I haven’t decided that yet.