Opera on Monday launched free VPN for iOS. The new app will block ads in Safari and Chrome and also prevent your browser from trackers around the Web.

Opera’s new app will allow you to access blocked websites and lets you change your virtual locations. As of now you can choose between US, Canada, Germany, Singapore or The Netherlands. These locations can be used by users to connect virtually by borrowing an IP address from that area.

Opera has also said that it would be adding more locations to its lists very soon, notes PC-Mag

Opera had acquired SurfEasy, a VPN company last year and recently it came up with the free virtual private network browser. The VPN of iOS is launched in just a few weeks after the browser launch.

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Opera VPN works as a secure tunnel between the user and SurfEasy’s servers. It makes is more difficult for the sites to track you around the Web. Ad-block feature is also included in it that saves time, frustration, and battery life.

However, president of SurfEasy, Chris Houston said that soon the company would be introducing advertising into the app.

“This is just the same as playing a free game that has ads — we get paid by advertisers based on our users’ engagement with their ads,” said Houston in a blog post on Monday.

It’s worth noting that the app understands your mobile usage and collects the data to make the information available to third parties.

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“It’s important to understand that this is not data about what you do with your phone, but rather this is data about how a large group of people uses their phones. It’s very much like taking part in a  survey — there is very little value in your personal answers since your answers may not be representative of the larger population,” wrote Houston.

He has also said that free VPN app will be available for Android platform soon.