After British singer Adele dropped her album “25” last November 20, she served as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live (SNL) to promote her latest album. Aside from her renditions of two songs in her album, Adele was also present in a Thanksgiving dinner episode of the show.

As mentioned on Rolling Stone, SNL had a sketch entitled “A Thanksgiving Miracle.” In the video clip, the SNL cast starred as a family wherein each has a different ideology. They sat at the dinner table and talked about ISIS, Ben Carson, and Black Lives Matter.

The British singer may not be physically present but her record-breaking song “Hello” saved the family’s Thanksgiving dinner. When the song “Hello” was played on the clip, the Thanksgiving celebration turned into a “festive sing-along.”

Adele seemed happy about the episode as she posted a photo of herself while waiting to perform on the show.


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As the sketch progressed, the clip began to resemble the “Hello” music video. According to the site, the cast tried to copy Adele’s look. Host Matthew McConaughey even had a fur coat that Adele wore in her music video. Before the episode ended, the little girl said,”Thanks Adele.”

Watch the video here:

Adele performed two songs from her album live on SNL. She belted out powerful renditions of her songs “Hello” and “When We Were Young.” This was her first American TV appearance to promote “25.”

Check out the videos of her performances here:

On November 26, Billboard is scheduled to report the album’s first week of sales. The site mentioned that “25” is forecasted to sell 2.5 million copies of pure album in its first week of release. And if the album hits the targeted sales, “it will become the 20th album to sell at least a million copies in a single week in the Nielsen era.”

Will Adele also be able to steal the Billboard 200 top spot from from Justin Bieber‘s “Purpose?”