Australia celebrated National Puppy Day on March 22 and shared plenty of happiness and love with the cute canines all around.

Dogs are considered a man’s best friend and the most loyal animal of all. National Puppy Day is celebrated not only to make people share their love and affection for puppies but also to ensure the safety of these pets. The day is considered as an international holiday to help people get some ample time to spend with their best friends whether at home or have a vacation to somewhere special.

The National Puppy Day website has stated that the day intends to save “orphaned puppies across the globe” and thereby spread awareness among people about the threats of puppy mills. The foundation began its operation in 2006 and is concerned with providing people a platform to get the dogs loving forever homes. According to, the website aims to convince people adopt puppies and offer them the homely care they deserve. In return, they would turn out to be their best friends and loyal guards. 2016 marks the tenth anniversary of the National Puppy Day foundation.

Humane Society of Utah photographer Guinnevere Shuster captured some of the cute photographs of the puppies of the day. She gave the professional treatment to the photo shoot and said that she was doing so to help puppies get new homes. “We try to do these photos for dogs who maybe need a little extra help getting adopted,” she said as quoted by CNN. She added that puppies are fit enough to market themselves, but their pictures add to raising awareness.

“Maybe not a lot of people are aware that shelters and rescues are filled with puppies,” Shuster said. “Even if you’re looking for a younger dog, the chances are you can find one that needs a home at a shelter or rescue.”