Around five people have been killed in the Houston floods that hit the region on Monday, the authorities confirmed. The incident not only resulted in the destruction of life and property but also led to the evacuation of homes and businesses.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Harris County Judge Ed Emmett confirmed four deaths in the county. One of them was a driver of an 18-wheeler who lost his life while trying to drive on high waters. The other two reportedly died after driving around a barricade that restricted driving on Houston’s west side. In addition to these, one person was found dead in a submerged vehicle in Waller County, according to CNN’s report with confirmation coming from the county judge, Trey Duhon. The number of deaths following the floods is expected to increase. The Houston Police department has been investigating the possible deaths, injuries and other effects around the flood areas.

The Texas governor has declared a state of emergency in nine counties after the Houston floods. The level of rainfall increased by four inches per hour which greatly affected the waterways and caused water logging all over the regions and disturbed the daily routine of households as well as servicemen and businessmen.

“This is a life-threatening emergency,” the emergency website of the city read. “Houston residents should avoid travel at all costs today.”

According to The Weather Channel, over 1,000 homes were flooded alone in Harris county. The authorities claimed around 900 people were rescued in Houston alone while 1,200 rescues were performed in total. “When you get off the freeways and off the main thoroughfares, you could be in water 10 to 15 feet deep,” Fire Department spokesman Jay Evans warned the public. “You do not want to trap yourself in these vehicles.”

About nine hospitals in the area were closed due to the overflow of extra patients who were admitted following the floods.