“House Rules” 2016 contender Navy guy Rob and his wife Rose have brought a 70’s inspired rule book on the table when the “House Rules” team reached out to renovate their small house in the city of Rockingham, which is 40 km south of Perth.  This baffled the rest of the contestants.

The family-of-five deals with space constraint in their small house and is desperately looking for a makeover—without spoiling the property’s retro theme.

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Rob and Rose specifically insisted on a 70’s color palette involving ‘paprika, teal and mustard’. There is a strict ‘NO’ on the usage of ‘white walls or wallpaper’.

Here is the Rob and Rose’s rule book that the team has to follow:

  • RULE 1 – Style our home retro revival
  • RULE 2 – Splash around paprika, teal and mustard
  • RULE 3 – Show off our art in the living room
  • RULE 4 – Go ‘Shagadelic’ in the bathroom
  • RULE 5 – No white walls or wallpaper

With the renovation work in progress, confusion has also emerged. Soon the younger teams seemed to be confused over the deliberate old-school theme.

The Queensland country twins Luke and Cody Cook were particularly baffled, with Luke saying: ‘What is retro revival?’ and Cody asking if ‘paprika’ was a flavoring as well as a color.

House Rules 2016 Luke and Codyau.tv.yahoo.com

House Rules 2016 Luke and Cody

The unreasonable demand of Rob and Rose apparently created an environment of confusion. Even the senior teams couldn’t escape that. Clare and Hagan were also perplexed. The pair topped the leaderboard with their eye-catching renovation of the country boys’ house at Queensland.

House Rules 2016, Rob and Rose's 70's Inspired Renovation, House Rules Teams Baffeledau.tv.yahoo.com

House Rules 2016 Clare and Hagan

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Things became more frustrating when Adelaide parents Brooke and Michelle unintentionally cracked the concrete foundation of a rival team’s zone.

House Rules 2016 Brroke and Michelleau.tv.yahoo.com

House Rules 2016 Brooke and Michelle

Added to their surprise was the fact that Michelle and Brooke bought similar tiles as Clare and Hagan, which they discovered during the time of delivery.

On the funny part, the twins visited a pirate ship novelty living museum and decided to reproduce the body of a ship  for the bedroom of Rob’s toddler Teddy, Mail reports.

Specific Zones under Specific Team’s Jurisdiction

  • ZONE 1 – Kitchen and master bedroom – Nancy and Daniel
  • ZONE 2 – Living room and Teddy’s bedroom – Luke and Cody
  • ZONE 3 – Laundry and Sam and David’s shared bedroom – Fil and Joe
  • ZONE 4 – Bathroom, walk-in robe, entry and hallway – Claire and Hagan
  • ZONE 5 – Dining room and en-suite – Brooke and Michelle

After a week, we will know whether or not the House Rules team succeeds in meeting bossy Rob’s expectations.

“House Rules” continues at 7:30 pm Monday to Wednesday on Channel 7.