The latest update from one of the most challenging TV realities, ‘House Rules’ 2016, is here. Sunday night’s episode didn’t bring good luck to the Perth couple Rob and Rose, but instead of frowning upon the news, the pair took it with a sporting spirit and shared their experience on the show. Here is a quick recap of the last episode.

Last week after the renovation work (Rob and Rose’s house) was accomplished, the teams headed to Clair and Hagan’s one-bedroom flat in Mornington Peninsula.

On the May 7 episode of House Rules, not only did the  most impressive house renovation in the show’s history get revealed, but also the first elimination in the TV reality show took place, Mail Online reports.

While homeowners Claire and Hagan went gaga over the stunning new transformation of their house, navy man Rob, 41, and wife Rose, 29, were sent packing.

After hearing the news, Rose told the camera how they are upset to leave but they still feel like winners having their own home renovated, expressing, “This is the only competition you enter where even the loser wins.”

It came after she broke down in tears when host Johanna Griggs announced they were at the bottom of the scoreboard and very so far behind in the competition.

“It’s exciting for us, we have a home we can stay in and three boys who I miss terribly. There is definitely a silver lining,” Rose said.  The pair added how they’ve enjoyed the experience of renovating houses with the chance to have their mortgage paid off.

This week, in Claire and Hagan’s shoebox home, Rose and Rob took charge of the master en suite, stairs, hallway and family room. Their attempt earned them a score of six from Claire and Hagan and 13/20 from judges Joe Snell and Wendy Moore.

Joe was not very pleased with the chains hanging from their wooden wall feature in the family room.

House Rule Rob and Rose

House Rules 2016: Chains in Family Room by Rob and Rose

At the same time, he thought the staircase railing was too risky, especially for Claire and Hagan’s young daughters, Matilda and Darcy.

Hous Rules 2016 Rob and Rose

House Rules 2016: Staircase By Rob and Rose

To them, even the look of the bathroom appeared unfinished.

Hous Rules 2016 Rob and Rose ElominationIshi Ray | Australia Network News

House Rules 2016: Bathroom By Rob and Rose

On a positive note,Claire and Hagan’s small one-storey house now has a new storey added to it.

We would like to remind the readers that Rob has been an infamous character on the show since day one, mainly due to his inhuman behavior towards his fellow contestants. However, he apologized for his behavior, welcoming the teams at his house for a barbecue.