Australian TV reality show, House Rules is renewed for a 4th season this year.  While on the show, one of the contesting couple, Rob Plater and Rose, is gaining popularity among the judges due to their creativity, but the bad behavior of Rob might get him some poor feedback from the viewers.

However, this brutal nature has made the Perth father-of-three really upset. After seeing himself on the small screen screaming at the other teams, Plater fears of becoming the new “bad guy” of the reality series.

The initial few episodes of the season four of House Rules have presented Plater’s heartless nature towards his fellow contestants during the matches. This unaccepted behavior of his made him feel so guilty so he reached out to the other teams to apologize.

“It’s revealing seeing yourself,” Plater said. “I was pretty brutal in some of the things I said and did. I sent an apology out explaining it wasn’t a personal attack. I was under stress just trying to get some big jobs done in strange circumstances.” The first renovation in Melbourne was a taxing one; however, it won’t be the last of his infamous flare-ups.

A sneak peek of the next episode reveals how Plater bumps heads with fellow contestants.

“There’s a concern I’ll be painted as the bad guy,” the defense guy confessed.

“But I’m comfortable enough in myself that what’s presented is not what I’m like normally. People in the navy will probably get it and understand. I think some people who haven’t been in that environment won’t get it maybe.”

Since House of Rules’ season four has only just launched, Plater hasn’t experienced any public backlash over his ill temperament, so far.

Rose and Rob Plater

House Rules 2016, Contestant Rob Plater upsets for being inhuman towards other teammates on House Rules, is Rob Plater the new bad guy on TV realty?

News reveals now Plater seems apprehensive about getting bad feedback from viewers over coming weeks.

Expressing himself Plater conveyed laughingly, “Looking at it so far, I’m not going to stop walking down the street — but it has crossed my mind.”

He came off a navy ship just a week before appearing on the Channel Seven’s stressful reality competition, in which see six state-based couples who renovate each other’s homes just in a week to score the highest. The on the show winner have their mortgage paid off.

“I was adjusting,” Plater remembered.

“It’s hard to change a personal culture overnight. Hopefully you’ll see me on a journey, going from the raw and brash character I was in the first renovation to one that softens a fair bit.”

How things will turn up can only be found out in the upcoming episodes.

House Rules airs Monday to Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m. on Seven.