The Dalby twins Luke and Cody Cook have proven their win in week one of “House Rules” 2016 wasn’t a coincidence.  They amazed Adelaide homeowners Brooke and Michelle with a contemporary kitchen, scoring nine out of 10 for their efforts. One more time, the brothers successfully faced one of the toughest renovation challenges on TV, despite their total lack of design experience.

For the second week of the Channel Seven reality show “House Rules,” contestants had just a week to renovate the broken down bungalow. And while the results were a ragbag, the overall job left the family astonished.

Even the judges of the show seemed to be going gaga over the twins’ impressive renovating skills.

Brooke and Michelle’s Kitchen After Reno:

House Rules 2016 channel seven, Twins Luke and Cody at the top, Rob and Rose at the bottom on House Rules 2016

Judge Wendy Moore described their transformation of the kitchen as “a true entertainer’s dream.”

Brooke also agreed, saying he was stunned by the result and expressing it as “the centerpiece of our home.” The creative country twins also amazed with their entry and walk-in robe.

Brooke’s and Michelle’s Living Room After Reno:

House Rules 2016 channel seven, Twins Luke and Cody at the top, Rob and Rose at the bottom on House Rules 2016

After ending at the bottom of the ladder last week, Victorian young parents Claire and Hagan secured themselves this week on the second position. They impressed the South Australian couple Brooke and Michelle with a stunning renovation of the girls’ bedroom, dining room and pantry.

Sydney contestants Nancy and Daniel also appeared to be improved, finishing at number three for their efforts with the girls’ washroom and Michelle’s home-office.

At the same time, Melbourne couple Fil and Joe failed miserably to impress with the master bedroom and main bathroom, renovations.

Sadly, Perth’s Rob and Rose ended up at the bottom this week, as their efforts with the hallway and living room falling absolutely flat with the judges.

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The Scores Board via News

  • Luke and Cody — 23 points
  • Claire and Hagan — 21 points
  • Nancy and Daniel — 19 points
  • Fil and Joe — 16 points
  • Rose and Rob — 15 points

Next week, the teams head to Sydney to take on Nancy and Daniels 1960s three-bedder.

To know what’s next stay tuned to House Rules next episodes airing on Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 7pm on Seven.