“House Rules” 2016 finale is approaching soon. Who are going to be the lucky winners? Are Dalby Twins winning it?

This Sunday, “House Rule”s is going to host its grand finale and the Dalby twins are through evading elimination in last night’s semi-final. This is the third time that Luke and Cody have won consecutively in a row. This way they have secured their spot on the top of the leader board.

Luke expressed, “We never thought we would make it through the first round let alone get this far in the competition.We’re pretty lucky we get along really well and this competition has just brought us closer together. I’m very lucky to have Cody.”

For their brilliant bathroom and kitchen layouts, the twins earned a combined judges’ score of 18. For their Manhattan apartment design brief, they drew their muse from “Sex and The City.” Even they got applauded for their smart designs in their laid-back country garden.

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House Rules 2016 Luke and Cody Manhattan Bathroom

House Rules 2016 Luke and Cody Manhattan Kitchen

House Rules 2016 Luke and Cody Country Garden

Everyone praised the two mainly for the emotion and attention to detail they put into creating a relaxing home away from home for cancer patients and their families, reported Mail Online.

Praising the duo, Judge Wendy Moore said:

“It’s not just the fabulous design ideas you guys have, it’s the emotion and consideration that comes behind those ideas and your garden was a great example of that.”

Though the twins have proven their expertise, the competition is far from over. In the final episode, they are going to go against Claire Lintzeris and Hagan Rice .

The finale will see the task of a design and renovation challenge, called ‘Country versus Coast’. The grand finale will be aired live from the two finalists’ homes in Dalby and Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

“House Rules” will pay for the mortgage of the lucky winner. Not just this! A promising television career with season two winner Adam Dovile bagging a presenting role on “Better Homes and Gardens,” also awaits the winners, informs Sunshine Coast Daily.

The “House Rules” grand final will air at  7 p.m., Sunday on Channel 7.