The latest news and updates on House of Cards Season 5 are pretty unclear. To date, many sources convey that Frank Underwood will meet his last in the approaching season. However, how he will die, is not yet known.

On January 28, 2016, Netflix renewed House of Cards for a fifth season. As per sources, the script for House of Cards Season 5 has some ill fortune for Frank. President Francis J. “Frank” Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his most trusted Chief of Staff Dough Stamper (Michael Kelly) will be seen in a terrible circumstance, claims actor Kelly. Soon, the political drama will feature the downfall of Frank’s era.

If Frank’s death and his political careers are co-related, then there are chances that he might get killed by someone really close to him. The reason is quite obvious. It is all about the hunger for power and love for the Presidential seat. Could Dough Stamper be the one behind Underwood’s death? Is he going to ditch his long ties just to serve his selfish motives?

Chief of Staff Dough Stamper with President Frank Underwood

In the previous seasons, we saw a strong bond between Frank Underwood and Dough Stamper. They trust each other “to the ends of the Earth.” So how could Stamper kill Mr. President? Friends turning into foes are nothing new. Usually, the friendship between two falls through simply because one of them goes power mad and the other character doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Explaining the theory, Michael Kelly advocates:

“Those two men trust each other to the ends of the Earth. They’re the only two people that each of them could count on. We saw Claire turn on Frank last year. You’ve never seen Doug turn on Frank. We’ve never seen Frank turn on Doug. And they trust each other to the ends of the Earth so that’s where Doug belongs. That’s where he is. That’s where he thrives in life,” learned CNN.

We believe that Kelly’s statement is enough to prove that Stamper will be responsible for Underwood’s downfall, and maybe for his death as well.

In the meantime, rumors of a new mysterious villain in House of Cards Season 5 are emerging. Since there is no official information related to its authenticity, fans are assuming anyone could  come as a threat to Underwood.

On the other hand, there are reports indicating that Mahershala Ali’s Remy Danton will not return to the show after House of Cards Season 2 because the showrunners have decided to keep things short and interesting.

House of Cards Season 5 is expected to return to Netflix in early 2017.