Speculations that Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) will die in “House of Cards” Season 5 are building up and to add to the buzz, his wife has also been rumored to kill the president.

It was previously reported that Frank’s wife and Vice President Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) will be his biggest rival in “House of Cards” Season 5. This fuel speculation that she will eventually take the highest seat on the land, and to do that, she might think of taking out her biggest competition. Would this mean she will murder her own husband?

Yibada speculated that the First Lady may use the services of her aide Leann Harvey (Neve Campbell) in making this happen. In an interview with GQ Magazine, Campbell has teased that she has a very interesting role to play in the upcoming season.

“I was excited about the idea of playing someone unapologetically powerful and strong and successful and an intelligent woman. That’s not something you often get to play as a woman in this industry, sadly. This is a good year for women in House of Cards! All the female characters are very powerful.”

Fans have been speculating that Claire will rise to power in season five and will take Frank’s position in the White House. It can be recalled that the first couple’s marriage has been strained in the previous season.

Meanwhile, there were also rumors that Franks’ loyal ally, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) will betray him.

According to Christian Times, Doug’s love for Leann might overshadow his loyalty to Underwood.

Yibada, however, noted that there is another theory regarding Frank’s death. The President might die in the upcoming season due to his weak health. Frank is in bad health as seen in the finale of season four. After the assassination attempt on his life, he underwent a liver transplant but he is still very weak.

What do you think will happen to Frank Underwood’ presidency in season five?

“House of Cards” season 5 is expected to premiere early next year.