Beau Willimon’s popular political drama  House of Cards Season 5 is on right now.  As the story has started to take its own twist and turns, there is a rising concern over Frank Underwood’s death in Season 5.  One of the speculations hints that Frank Underwood will be killed by his wife Claire.  Is this possible?

Earlier spoilers had spilled the beans about Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) fate in House of Cards Season 5.  The fifth season will witness the last of the 46th President of the United States. How is Mr. President going to die? Will he die a natural death? Or will he be killed by someone really close to him?

If we go by the second theory, it won’t be surprising to see Frank Underwood getting killed by his own people. One among the list of potential threats is his wife Clare Underwood (Robin Wright), the First Lady of the United States.

Why is Frank’s wife going to push him towards his end in House of Cards Season 5? The best predictor of this killing is regime power.  The hunger for power might take over Claire’s heart and she might get rid of Frank to claim the seat of presidency.

Movie News Guide reveals in the current season of this political series that we are seeing Claire as the vice president of the United States. Thus, for her, the president’s seat is just one step away. The only hindering factor between her and the seat is her husband Frank Underwood. Therefore, the death of Frank would instantly make her the most powerful person on earth.

 Killing for power is nothing new to the world. Since ancient times, there have been a lot of incidents where rulers were killed by their most trusted loved ones. So, if House of Cards sSason 5  shows Frank Underwood  meeting his last  by his loving wife Claire, it won’t really be a shock for the viewers.

The fate of Frank Underwood is yet to be decided by the writers of the show.  House of Cards Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.

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