“House of Cards” season 4 kicks off today but refuses to throw any light on its story line. But here are speculations about the new season.

(Warning! We do have some “House of Cards” spoilers for you ahead.)

Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) has an affair with Neve Campbell’s character (Leann Harvey.) It is given that Campbell will be a player at Capitol Hill but nothing is known about her dynamic with Underwood (Spacey). Her character is highly functional but not someone the audience could root for. In speculating what role Campbell could play in the next chapter, the audience could wonder if is she might evoke shades of Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) and end up in a caustic relationship with Frank—posing as either a threat or an ally.

Will Frank and Claire adopt a child? As Frank will be campaigning for re-election, to keep up the farce of marriage. But we have also been told that couple has parted ways, Will Claire actually turn on Frank in the next chapter, probably be his most dangerous enemy? Contrary to this, a Vine report reiterates the rumors that the couple might actually adopt a child in the upcoming season.

Will the political drama go from reel to real? It has all the elements of “Super Tuesday”—racial politics, with a mini-scandal matching the real world politics.

The newcomers in “House of Cards” include Academy Award-winner Ellen Burstyn plays Claire’s mother, Elizabeth Hale, a woman who lives in the old-money enclave of Highland Park in Dallas. Cicely Tyson plays Texas Rep. Doris Jones.

Joel Kinnaman, who starred in AMC’s “The Killing,” is part of the cast this season

Returns from the past is expected to happen in Underwood’s life. We can’t spoil who or what, exactly, but you’ll see something from the Underwoods’ past re-emerge in the first episode that will send a big impact to the show.